What Young Malaysians Really Think About The Smoking Ban — Their Answers Might Surprise You

A few weeks ago, word got out the government was planning on a smoking ban in restaurants. We didn’t think much of it because realistically, it would be quite hard to implement and be kept in check. Boy, were we in for a surprise!

According to The Star, smoking in all restaurants, coffee shops and hawker centres will be banned nationwide starting next year — even in open-air eateries.

Gasp! Will our mamak sessions ever be the same again?

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye announced the ruling after opening a conference at the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology in Kedah yesterday. He added that the ruling was not only to encourage smokers to kick the habit, but also to protect non-­smokers from the effects of secondhand smoke.

“We are ready to face objections from smokers and restaurant owners, but we will not compromise when it comes to looking after the health of the people.

“No doubt smokers will say they have the right to smoke, but non-smokers also have the right to enjoy their food without being harmed by cigarette smoke.”

Here are what some young Malaysians think of the new ruling;

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how Will it affect the economy?

“It’s a great implementation as it’s an attempt to curb heavy smokers’ habits. Even though it’s bad for our country’s economy but it’s a good initiative as smokers tend to forget that there are non-smokers around who don’t like it. Smoking in restaurants (especially near a Do Not Smoke sign) is disrespectful to other customers who are eating.”

— Daniel, 23, Student

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