Why Declutter-ing Your Spaces Will Make Way For Good Vibes

Have you ever heard of the saying “a clear space leads to a clear mind”? As an ex-messy person, I can personally vouch for this. Why?

Let me start by giving you a couple of scenarios where almost every lady has experienced. (If you haven’t experienced these then are you even real?)

Scenario 1

Have you ever tried to get ready for something (whether for work, a party of even a date) and you’re trying all possible options in front of the mirror? And the next thing you know you’ve got a little clothes mountain in the corner?

“I’ll just clean that up later…”

Scenario 2

Your neatly-organised make up section has turned into a all-hell-broke-loose type of situation and you think; “I’ll just clean that up later…”

“At least my brows are on point.”

Scenario 3

You’re rushing a deadline at work and somehow you’ve found that your work space has turned into some form of black hole. Perhaps you can’t find that lucky pen of yours because it’s somewhere amidst the rubble that is your life.

“I’ll just clean that up later…”

Now, they do say that the more cluttered your work space is, the more intelligent you are. But that shouldn’t serve as an excuse as to why you can’t at least try to be remotely neat from time to time.

I’m not saying you have to be a neat freak (because let’s face it, that’ll just be hypocritical of me). I can, however, promise you that the sense of accomplishment after you’ve cleaned up and organised your mess will evoke a certain kind of euphoria within you because ecluttered spaces = decluttered life.

That mountain of clothes I had put off hanging back into my wardrobe? I ended up clearing out the clothes I don’t even wear anymore AND had more space for new clothes!

The all-hell-broke-loose make-up situation? It was about time I cleared out old mascaras and cleaned all my make up brushes! (Always clean your make up brushes).

The black hole of my work space? I ended up chucking out unwanted memories from my ex that I found under the rubble of my desk. It also led me to spring cleaning my laptop.

A.K.A. deleting unnecessary screenshots, nudes and other unwanted boyish photos. Swiped. Clean.

Bye bye. Sayanora.

You may not think that declutter-ing your clutter will make much of a difference to your life. But I will be the first to preach that it will. You should take time out of any given day for you to spring clean your room, your house and thus, your life.

Come on, let us listen to our girl Anna

But of course, it’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? Just when I thought I had my life back on track, I found myself making a little clothes mountain, having a messy make up table and a god-awful work space again.

Somehow or rather, you find that that becomes the whole point. You continuously make a mess only to find that you’ll need to reshuffle, declutter and reorganise your life to constantly pave the way for clear thoughts and good freakin’ vibes.