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5 Legit Reasons To Get Insurance While You’re In Your 20s

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of insurance is how tedious the process can be. Loads of paperwork and money involved = headaches; and that’s enough to bump insurance to the bottom of our priority list. Young adults are also often in good shape and are less prone to sickness, cementing its low ranking on their list.

More often than not, we have doting parents that continue to support and provide, so getting our own insurance doesn’t seem necessary. But in an attempt to be absolutely independent *cue Destiny Child’s Independent Women*, we need to start looking into insurance and how important it is.

What we don’t want the insurance agent to tell us when we’re in need.

According to the experts at iMoney, we should all strive to get life and health insurance before we turn 25. That’s now, right?

We’ve listed some reasons why you should totally get on this bandwagon. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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It’s way cheaper to start early

Which makes it affordable, yay!

Insurance plans and packages vary according to your age. Essentially, the younger you are, the better the deal you get, which means a better coverage at a cheaper price. So the younger you start your plan, the cheaper it is. With plenty of benefits too!

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