WIN 100% Natural Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate!

Chill with the Aveda Cooling Balancing oil Concentrate, a 100% natural oil concentrate that instantly cools your skin and melt away tension when massaged in.

What’s Inside?

Cooling aromaology with certified organic peppermint, blue chamomile and naturally-derived menthol leaves you feeling revived while certified organic peppermint and blue chamomile are known in Ayurvedic traditions to cool ‘Fire’ imbalances.

There are 8 ways to refresh your skin and senses with Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate:

  1. Aroma: Roll onto wrists and breathe in.
  2. Head and Neck: Massage in to ease tension.
  3. Shoulders: Apply pressure-point massage to release the weight of the day.
  4. Feet: Drop cooling oil into a foot bath.
  5. Workout: Massage into muscles after exercise.
  6. Commute: Cool down your travel frustrations.
  7. Flight: Apply before takeoff and during your journey.
  8. Massage: Target areas of tension with a massage.


How to win?

Each week, we will open a contest for our readers to submit their entries. Stay up to date with our webpage for the month of November 2017 to find out the question for that week!

The contest for Aveda is open for entry submissions from 1-7 November2017 at 11:59PM. You can submit your entry in the form below:

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