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Welcome to 2018, babes! 2017 has been such a year – with all its highs and lows – and we’re excited to be ringing in the new year.

As always, a new year brings a feeling of wanting to change and turn over a new leaf, and #CLEOMalaysia is no exception. As you know, we’re all for giving back to our readers, and we’ve constantly got goodies for you to win every month. So to make life a whole lot easier for you (and for us, teehee!), we’ve decided to move our giveaways online.

There’s only a slight catch: You still need our physical magazine (or digital magazine, if you’re subscribed to that) to enter our giveaways. So pick one up, decide which giveaway you want to join (psst, just join all of ’em!), then head over to and search for “WIN CLEO’S (MONTH) 2018 GIVEAWAY” and submit your entries in the forms attached.

We’ll be emailing the winners when the giveaway is over so keep hitting that refresh button for your inbox!

So, make sure you grab your own CLEO Magazine January/February 2018 issue to know the question and answers to each giveaway!

Submit your entries to stand a chance to win before 28th February 2018 at 11:59PM.


This contest had ended. Please click here for current contests.


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