Your Rom Com Based On Your Star Sign

Compiled by Putri Avantika Sood Edited by Joash Kong

As strong and empowered as we are, there’s just something about a rom com that somehow just tugs at our heartstrings. Maybe we’re being wistful for “the one that got away”, or perhaps we just want to take a break from being the #bosses that we are and have some time to be a girl. 

500 Days of Summer

Of course, every one of us is different and unique and whether you subscribe or scoff to the notion of “it’s all in our stars”, we all have a different star sign and that, arguably, does contribute to the cauldron that is our being. 

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to live out a rom com, or maybe you’re just in the mood to stay in (because #JOMO), then grab some popcorn and that soft throw blanket, because #TeamCLEO matched you with a rom com based on your star sign.

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Star Sign: Aquarius

Your Rom Com: Just Go With It 

Because: You just always put other people first, innit?

You’re as selfless as someone can be, but when it comes to getting your man, be selfish!

Aquarius, guilty of putting others needs before yours, you sometimes forget to entertain that rebel in your own heart. Katherine’s (Jennifer Aniston) story is an ode to you. As a loyal assistant, she fakes being her boss’s (played by Adam Sandler) ex-wifey to help him get another girl. Her feelings get stronger, yadda yadda yadda, and you wish she would be just a little selfish. But just like any cheesy Hollywood production (no less involving this star duo) it has to end happily. She gets the guy!

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