Goodbye To Bad Hair Days With Number 76

It time to put #BadHairDay woes behind you by letting Number 76’s “76 Tsuya” do its job. This treatment-infused system is exclusively formulated for all chemicals served in Number 76. Created from combination of various ingredients such as amino acids and hyaluronic acid, both fused with 100% natural collagen powder.


As the Number 76 stylists make your hair dreams come true, disappointment will not avail when it comes to the aftercare – all chemical services, including perm and rebonding in Number 76 are incorporated with the 76 Tsuya formula, in order to replenish moisture, while improving signs of damage from deep within the hair structure. The tratment doesn’t only tame out wild frizzy hair, but also boosts overall hair strength in the long run.

Enjoy your freedom of experimenting with different shades of hair colour!


Good news to hair enthusiasts!

In conjunction with the holidays, Number 76 is giving out 20% off total bill for any NEW members that flashes CLEO December 2016 issue! You can also make advance booking at Number 76 website; visit This promotion lasts until 31st December 2016.


The price for the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment will have a price change effective 1 December 2016. For your reference, they are as follows;

Short Length:  RM245

Medium Length:  RM265

Long length:  RM285