Win A Fancy Girl’s Day Out With Your Bestie

The daily grind can sometimes wear you out. So how do you find a way to escape the humdrum of everyday life? Spending time with your bestie, of course. But it’s not just you showing up at her door with chips and a Netflix playlist. #TeamCLEO has you sorted — we got your back!

We’ve planned some girly time for you and your BFF, where you can spend time and bond over an exclusive hi-tea session that comes with a skincare consultation by Chanel.

This will be your literal face when you find out you’re the winner

So it’s not often that a fancy CLEO hi-tea comes around where you can treat your mates to something special. Only 5 pairs of BFFs will be the lucky chosen ones to spend an afternoon enjoying hi-tea and a free skincare consultation from Chanel beauty.

Why are you so lucky? Why are things so good? It’s cause Chanel’s latest cleansing squad is literally so delicious, you need to know all about them. With its four lush new texture combos, it’ll keep you looking like a snack — even when it takes off your make-up!

Don’t believe  us? The proof is in the, well, product!

Skin this good! Revel in the sensorial textures of the new Chanel cleansing collection. Images shot by CLEO Malaysia; @cleansewithchanel

how do you win?
  1. Follow the Instagram account @cleansewithchanel which has everything you need to know about the new cleansing collection
  2. Find your fave cleanser then tap that LOVE button on that post
  3. Tag your no. 1 BFF you’d love to have a superb par-tea time with!

ANd JUST LIKE THAT, YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF OUr 5 lucky winners that will get to treat their bestie to a hi-tea session and skincare consultation by chanel

*Act quick as this contest now ends 31 July 2018!