We Have 27 Suggestions On How To Get Unstuck This 2020

Here we go again!

The most dreadful question of the year: “WHAT ARE YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS?”

Lose weight, save money, eat more healthily – you know, the usual! But secretly deep down inside you know that it’s all poppycock, ‘cause most of these are recycled resolutions from last year. Now, think hard about why they became empty promises. If you can’t find a reason, clearly it means they’re not working!

Well then, it’s time to turn things around! 2020 is HUGE and we shouldn’t be spending the days dilly-dallying with no purpose. What if 10 years from now, you regret not setting yourself a direction? You could’ve done way more instead of turning up at the starting line when you’re old and haggard.

So, get a grip of yourself and start planning! Scroll down to see what #TeamCLEO and the KOLs have been resolving to change. Maybe something from there can spark your light bulb!

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Seema Viswanathan, Editor-in-chief


“I’m hoping 2020 brings more openness to and acceptance of others and of self.”

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