Here Are 4 Really Simple Workouts You Can Do At Home!

* This story was previously published on, April 2017, and has since been updated.

If you’re reading this from the future, then you would probably have known that Malaysia had gone under a Movement Restriction Order in March 2020 to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic.

Even if gyms and your group workouts are off-limits, you can still workout at home thanks to these basic home workout ideas.

If you’re reading this from the future, you can still use these tips to workout where you can. Here are 4 ways to bust a move… Without even moving that much. You’ll see. It’ll all add up and you’ll be thanking your lazy-girl stars!


Time: 10am

Place: Bed

Exercise: Bicycle kicks

Target area: Abs/Core

Why: The worst part about getting out of bed to do a workout is getting out of bed. So here’s a way around it — Stay in bed and work your core.

Do It: Lie on your back with your hands holding your head. Raise your legs, bend at the knee, and move them in a bicycle motion. On each movement, touch your elbow to the opposite knee before alternating. Keep doing this exercise for give minutes and you’ll really feel your abs burning.

Step it up a notch: Do a leg workout: Lie on your side, propping your head up with your elbow and your legs in a straight line, one on top of the other. Lift your top leg to a 45-degree angle and slowly lower it back to the starting position. Do three sets of 12–5 reps for a good, solid workout.

mini couch moves

Time: 12pm

Place: Couch

Exercise: Mini HIIT moves

Target area: All over

Why: Firstly, highfive for getting from the bed to the couch. Now that you’ve got Stranger Things fired up, popcorn (low-cal, right?) at the ready, you should make the most of it. It’s okay, as long as you have stretchy clothes on (*cough* pajamas) you’ll be able to do this.

Do It: Ad breaks? What’s that? Just time yourself to do two to three minutes sets of sit ups, squats or push-ups. Then, use the end of the couch for tricep dips. How do you do this? Sit on the sofa with your feet on the floor. Position arms shoulder width apart with legs extended out in front of you. Bend your knees to form a right angle, then slide your
bum off the couch and lower your body towards the floor. Keeping your shoulders back and elbows pulled in, push your body back up and return to the starting position. Try to do 15–20 reps per set. Now, this brings a whole new meaning to Netflix and chill!

workouts while you work

Time: 2pm

Place: Dining table

Exercise: Bicep curls

Target area: Arms

Why: Since you’re feeling super productive, you decide to use your day off to dive into that pile of work you’ve been putting off for weeks. To keep those brain juices flowing, don’t stop moving.

Smash It: Arm exercises are easy to do at your desk. Go easy, and start with some basic bicep curls. Sit up straight on the edge of a chair and, engaging your core, hold a lightweight or a full water bottle and bend your elbows, curling the weight in towards your shoulder. Aim for three sets of 15–20 reps and remember to alternate arms. If you’re really getting into it, try throwing in some overhead tricep extensions.

Bonus: If you’re feeling up to an even bigger challenge, swap your chair for a fitness ball. The instability of the ball will give you a great core workout (plus… bouncy things!).

power walking (to your bedroom and back)


Time: 5pm

Place: Walking all over your house/condo/compound/neighborhood

Exercise: Cardio

Target area: All over

Why: So you’ve peeled yourself out of your pajamas, got halfway decent. Get some cardio in and you can do some light walking around the house (and outdoors, as long as you stay away from other people)

Do It: Add a 10-min walk before dinner and watch your life change. Apply this to every part of your life and you’ll be adding steps to your FitBit like never before. Win! If you’ve got a work meeting or a client lunch, try adding a walk beforehand, which is a super simple way to increase your daily exercise. Keep the burn going — if you’re seated, pay attention to your core and use your posture to keep it activated. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.