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How To Not Get Scammed Online – An Expert Tells All

Original Reporting| Hidayah Idris

If you’re a 20-something millennial who has never shopped online, wow, you’re a rare breed. Online shopping is so common nowadays because 1) we are too busy hustling to visit brick-and-mortar stores regularly, 2) it’s so convenient to have things delivered to your doorstep, and 3) you can get items from foreign websites or that are otherwise not available in Malaysia. Of course, it helps that sometimes, the items are cheaper online too.

With the popularity of online shopping, scammers have taken the opportunity to cheat shoppers of their money in various ways, from fake ads to fake lucky draws.

News Straits Times reported that the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) receives an average of 26.2 per cent out of 2,500 complaints monthly on fraudulent online retail.

Especially with the sales going on, more fraudsters are taking the opportunity to prey on online buyers by offering ridiculously low prices.But with such ads looking so legitimate, how can one tell the difference when all you want is a good deal?

Pamela Ong, Head of Sales at cybersecurity solutions provider ESET, dishes some tips. Scroll through the gallery to start shopping safely.

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Check the domain name

You gotta be more alert while reading the domain name. At a glance, it might seem legit, but look out for spelling errors and other signs. Pamela says, “Referring to the two fake, yet realistic looking, ads below, one would realise that the domain names are intended to confuse you with those of popular e-commerce sites, with very minor discrepancies—for example, stating or to imitate”

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