How The Newest PRIHATIN Stimulus Package Can Benefit You

“No one will be left behind,” says our Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

In the PM’s latest announcement on the government’s stimulus package, RM250 billion will be channelled to the rakyat to ensure that we all stay afloat.

To NOTE: The benefits are CUMULATIVE and if you fall within one or more of the official categories.

Some for you to consider:

– FREE INTERNET FOR ALL with the total value of RM600mil, starting from 1 April until the end of #RMO. (1GB a day)

– Insurance premium payments are delayed for 3 months
– Special allowances up to RM600 for frontliners from 1 April 2020 until the end of the RMO
– RM200 allowance for ATM, PDRM, Kastam, Imigresen, APM and RELA
– RM1,600 cash for households earning below RM4,000 (RM1k in April, RM600 in May)
– RM1,000 cash to household incomes of RM4k-RM8k (RM500 in April, RM500 in May)
– RM800 to singles above 21 years old earning below RM2,000 (RM500 in April, Rm300 in May)
– RM500 to singles above 21 earning between RM2,000 and RM4,000 (RM250 in April, RM250 in May)
– One-off payment of RM200 to students (including Uni students)
– PTPTN payments delayed for 6 months
– Moratorium on bank repayments for 6 months
– E-hailing drivers get a one-off payment of RM500 in April (Taxi drivers get RM600)
– RM25mil for warga emas, children in need and OKU to give them basic needs
– Govt and TNB will give discount in stages on electricity bills starting April (with a max of 600kw a month)
– A salary subsidy programme for employers to keep them and their employees afloat
– And more.

The Prime Minister ended his speech with a closing statement.

“We are a nation at war with invisible forces. The situation we are now facing is unprecedented in history. And, this government may not be the government that you voted for. But I want all of you to know that this government cares for you. I resigned to the fact that I came in as your Prime Minister not at the best moment. I face political, economic and health crisis all at the same time. This unprecedented situation of course requires unprecedented measures.

“So, my dear brothers and sisters, and the children of this beloved country, whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun, orang asal, please bear with me and my friends in the cabinet and the government. We are not perfect, but we are doing the best we can to pull through this crisis together, as one nation. God willing, we will come out stronger when this crisis ends and the dust settles. InsyaAllah.”

Read the whole statement to see more information as to whether you are eligible for more benefits under this package here.

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