Malaysian Mental Health Professionals Are Offering Free Services For Medical Frontliners

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COVID-19 is something unprecedented. It’s a pandemic that nobody expected. The scale in which it’s affecting the world is something that’ll be etched into our memories (and into history books).  It’s global, yet it’s also in our backyards.

To date (at the time of writing) in Malaysia the number of cases is 2,320 with a total of 27 deaths. 

And we’re still in the thick of our Movement Control Order which has been extended to 14 April.

Notwithstanding, Malaysians have been banding together to help each other out, in initiatives that are helping frontliners, the displaced and everyone involved and affected by COVID-19.

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In another amazing initiative, a group of mental health professionals are banding together to offer pro bono mental care help and services to medical professionals in Malaysia who may be facing burn out, anxiety, stress or hopelessness.

In these unprecedented times, we weren’t handed a manual on what to do or how to deal with things. In this Google Sheet, Dr. Keng Shian Ling who is a Clinical Psychologist explains the situation around COVID-19 and how important it is for medical frontliners to be able to seek the help THEY need. 

He says:

“We are a group of mental health professionals (consisting of clinical/ counselling psychologists and counselors working in private practice, hospitals, NGOs, and universities) who would like to do our part by offering pro bono (free) short term, one-on-one, online video-based counseling sessions (up to 4 sessions per individual) to support those of you who are interested in seeking mental health support.

We understand that not everyone may be open to seeking mental health services due to concerns such as stigma; however, EVERY ONE of us could benefit from some additional support occasionally, especially during this period of extreme high stress. Therefore, it is a sign of courage and bravery to acknowledge how difficult things are and to reach out for professional support.”

The link for the professionals to sign up and find help for free (up to four sessions per individual) is here. 

We’re amazed by the work of these mental health professionals and hope all the best for the medical frontliners. And if you know any medical frontliners who could use this extra help, do alert them to this.

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