6 Online Productivity Tools And Apps To Get You Working Better At Home

It’s work-from-home season at the moment and I’m sure a lot of us are struggling to stay away from distractions and stay motivated. It’d be much easier for those who have their own study room or home office but for the majority some place with a flat surface is good enough. Typing away while lounging around the couch or bed spells: Danger! ‘Cause one slipped foot and you might accidentally doze off.

If it comes to this and you need someone to breathe down your neck (some helpful tech applications in this case) to keep your engine going, we’ve trawled 6 apps and online tools. See more!


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The Most Dangerous Writing App

Write or die! You choose | Image credit: Product Hunt Website

Whatever you do, do not stop your fingers from tapping the keyboard! If you freeze, even for more than 5 minutes, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you’ve previously typed will vanish into thin air! Developed by Manuel Ebert, Product Hunt is supposedly an antidote for your writer’s block. It forces you to scribble out even the most meaningless nonsense you have in your mind onto that page. And when you’re done, looking at the bigger picture, perhaps you might just be able to connect all dots.

PS: Don’t be intimidated to try! You can actually set your word or time target, which can range from 3 to 60 minutes or from 75 to 1667 words.

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