Simple Explanations On How Movement Control Can Curb Coronavirus

Hey 2020, you’ve been a bit rough. Collectively, we can’t ignore the pandemic that we’ve been faced with: The worldwide spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 which has to date (at the time of writing this) claimed two lives in Malaysia.

The numbers are also rising day by day. 

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On 16 March, our Prime Minister issued a Movement Control order which is somewhat of a lockdown on travel, big gatherings, going to the workplace and generally doing a lot of social things that we’re used to. And to make sure it comes into effect, there will be penalties to those who don’t obey the order.

While it’s meant to curb the virus, the order has also now changed to implore people to avoid even going outdoors for runs, hikes and activities.

But how, you ask, will Movement Control for two weeks help with curbing the Covid-19 outbreak?

It’s all about “flattening the curve”, which means reducing the chances of infection stopping the spread of the virus.

For one, the less people that you come into contact with, the less chance that you’re to contract the virus and spread it onto others.

You’ve probably seen this match video that’s been spreading all over social media and Whatsapp groups like, well, wildfire. While this is a helpful analogy, it’s also not that complete — because the two week order aims to incubate whoever who may have the virus, and who may show symptoms in this time can then be quarantined.

This was made clear in our PM’s latest speech, delivered on 18 March, as well.


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BREAKING: “Just stay at home.” The PM has clearly spoken. And it’s that simple. In YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s most recent address, he implores everyone to stay put. Ever since the Movement Control Order has been taken effect, people have taken the chance to “balik kampung” and go back to their hometowns, which is not encouraged. Seeing that there are still Covid-19 diagnoses happening even during this moment, our PM iterates, “Stay put where you are.” Why these two weeks? Because of the two-week incubation period, symptoms arise after this. The ones who have the symptoms are able to seek treatment and we can break the chain of infection. “Duduk diam-diam di rumah … protect your family and yourself.” #movementcontrolorder #covid19 #juststayathome #malaysia #malaysianprimeminister #juststayhome

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Now, this is another helpful way to understand how social distancing works and will reduce the number of cases and chances of transmission.


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Repost from @seanwes: ➡️ Why you need to stop going to bars, restaurants, and public gatherings.⁣ ⁣ I just canceled our upcoming flights, hotels, AirBnbs, and restaurant reservations. We’re staying put. Yes, in Seattle of all places.⁣ ⁣ It was really tempting to follow through with our flight plans anyway, because it’s not like I really want to be in Seattle right now—and there’s not yet a ban on travel within the country, so I COULD fly if I wanted to. But if we wait until the government restricts travel, it’s already too late to have a positive effect.⁣ ⁣ I want to look back on this time and know I did everything I possibly could. If my contribution to slowing the spread and flattening the curve ends up resulting in someone saying I “overreacted”, so be it. I’m happy to hear it.⁣ ⁣ Overreacting leads to people thinking you overreacted. Underreacting leads to people thinking you underreacted.⁣ ⁣ #covid19 #coronavirus #socialdistancing #FlattenTheCurve (Video by Harry Stevens/@washingtonpost)

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We at Dessy feel the pain and disappointment of all the couples who have had to postpone their events. We hurt for our independent retailers who have to close and the staff they must let go. This unprecedented virus has upended all of our lives. However, we are 100% behind the #stayathome #flattenthecurve movement. We need everyone to do their part across this amazing country of ours. We want to come out the other side of this pandemic stronger, wiser and kinder. And we want to hug and kiss every single one of those people we love and cherish on the other side of this. Please – stay at home. Practice social distancing. It is a matter of life and death. We must show our children and the world that we care for others more than ourselves. #flattenthecurve #stayathome

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In this pictorial, it illustrates A is an infected person, who came into contact with C. In between, B and B2 were in transit, who may or may not be infected and we don’t know if they could possibly be carriers.

The reason to isolate is to keep A away from others, C under observation, and B in isolation so that if any symptoms arise in 2 weeks, they can then be quarantined and treated.

D who is safe but doesn’t know if they do or do not have the virus, should stay away from others so that they don’t have the chance of being infected.

If you think you show symptoms…

If you think you show symptoms, don’t go to the hospital just yet. You need to call the appropriate authorities and let them know that you are showing symptoms. They also need to know that you may be making an appearance so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

There is a listing by The Star, which is below.


Most importantly, you have to stay home and stay away from crowds. Stay safe and always wash your hands!